Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kid on a leash

Before I had Grace..... I had alot of opinions about parents and their children. I was quick to judge when I saw a parent struggling to keep their kids quiet at a restaurant. And especially when I saw kids getting dragged around on leashes in the mall. Like come on, these are human beings, not pets!

At Gracie's baby shower I got a harness as a gift, and I was so determined that I would never need one of those with my child, that I returned it even before she was born.

Then I had Grace.

She doesn't walk. She runs. She refuses to hold my hand. And she doesn't like sidewalks, she'd rather take off running in the streets. She prefers to walk in the opposite direction you are, and saying goodbye to her and pretending to leave makes no difference. She doesn't even care.

Her babysitter requested I get one for her (She's got a few kids she's chasing around)..... so even though I felt weird about it, I sucked it up and went and got a cute little harness with a stuffed Elmo at the front.
And Grace loves it. Now she wants to walk with Elmo (or 'Mo"as she calls it) everywhere. It's like her new best friend, she gives him hugs and kisses as she's walking.

To be honest, I still feel embarrassed to use it, and never do. But I have definitely changed my views on parents who do decide to use them, and maybe I will even reconsider using one myself.... maybe.

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