Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Case of the Missing Soo-Soo

If you know Grace at all, then you know she can't go anywhere, or do anything, without her pacifier. It's an over-sized, ugly, brown, 100% all-natural, paci, that we call soo-soo. Soo-Soo has been with her since birth. Gracie also drags around a (once) white blankie, but that's another blog in itself.

At Gracie's two year check up, the Pediatrician recommended that we get rid of soo-soo. He suggested that I put a little scissor snip in the end, so it wouldn't function, and eventually she would get frustrated and not want it anymore. While I am sure this has worked with other two year old's in the past, Gracie is not your average two year old.

This was the worst idea.


Grace has never been so miserable in her whole life. She cried over everything, threw tantrums, wouldn't eat, refused to sleep. Everyone told me "wait it out, give it 3 days, don't give in." Her babysitter and myself couldn't take it anymore. We waited a week, and it was a nightmare for all of us.

After work one day, I went to the baby boutique (because you can't get this soo-soo at any old baby store), bought two new pacifiers, and rushed to pick up Grace.

And then we were back to square one. But at least we were happy again.

Yesterday began as just a typical day in the life of Gracie. Wake up, eat cheerios and waffles (it's all she wants, help!), get dressed, brush your teeth, and walk to the babysitters house. When I picked her up that evening, I clipped soo-soo to her coat, like I always do, and we headed out the door for our short walk home. We arrived, and I took off her coat. But where was soo-soo?

I searched my bag.... no soo-soo. Now I'm panicking. Then Grace asks for it. I went for an honest approach, explaining that it must have fallen off her coat, we will look for it in the morning. She is not impressed. So I give her chocolate. Now she's happy.

I was dreading bedtime, so we lay in my bed with video's on until she fell asleep at 10. I moved her into her crib, but she woke up sobbing at 3 am asking for soo-soo. So back into mama's bed til the morning. The night wasn't as awful as I was expecting, but I'm sure I'm only replacing one bad habit with another - no soo-soo in exchange for hogging mama's bed.

My mother says this is a blessing in disguise. She's too old for the pacifier. And maybe she's right.

But I'm still going back to the baby boutique today. Just in case.

In loving memory of Soo-Soo

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