Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hello Vacation

I am going away. Baby free. With some awesome chicks. This weekend.

I have never spent a single night away from Grace, so this is going to be something new for the both of us. I also haven't been out much since having Grace (ie. Never) what better way to pop my anti social bubble than Las Vegas? I am beyond excited. I feel like a little get away is just what I need right now.

But to be completely honest I also feel nervous. My idea of fun has changed since having Grace. Fun is going to the park, running in the grass, chasing the trains as they go by. Do I even know how to have fun anymore? Do I even know how to talk to adults anymore? Am I going to spend the whole time wondering about Grace? Am I going to drink one glass too many of pink Moet and cry because I miss her so much?

She will be in the loving care of my own mother so I know there is no need to worry about her. She probably won't even miss me as much as I miss her, and that is a good thing. I guess it's just a mother's curse to always worry.

So here's hoping that I have a fun vacation, get a nice tan, don't cry too much about missing my daughter, and that Grace is well behaved for my mother. Fingers crossed.

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