Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How I Successfully Potty Trained my 22 Month Old

About 2 weeks ago, me and G's babysitter decided we would attempt potty training. She was able to tell us when she had to go, and has always hated going in her diaper, so we felt she was ready. I bought her some big girl undies and sent her to the babysitter's, hoping she'd be ambitious enough to try....

That first day, Gracie had a few accidents but successfully used the potty 3 times!

The second day, no accidents.

Third day, no accidents.

We put her on the potty every hour on the hour and she goes, we clap our hands and high five, and cheer her on when she goes. She's potty trained. Now she tells me when she has to go, and as soon as she sits on the potty, she goes. (I still make sure she goes every hour to avoid an accident.)

I don't think it is this easy for everyone, but Grace was obviously ready to start training. Persistence is key. We've spent a good 10 minutes waiting on the potty for something to happen. We've gone to public places, brought her seat attachment, and sat on the potty every 20 minutes because she wouldn't go.

At daycare she no longer wears diapers, and at home she only wears them when she is sleeping.

Some tips:
  • Practice sitting on the potty for fun
  • Watch for signs of interest and readiness. Don't pressure them.
  • Cute underwear with their favourite characters on them makes it exciting for them
  • Be persistent, put them on the potty every hour
  • Let them wipe and flush (with your help)
  • Praise them when they successfully use it
  • Don't punish them for having an accident, tell them it's okay and they can try again
  • Don't use bribes or rewards, just applaud them when they are successful
  • I recommend a seat attachment, instead of a cute little potty. It's not good times emptying a potty every hour, and sanitizing it... and they will learn how to use a proper toilet. This will also make public outings easier.
  • Everyone who takes care of your child has to be on the same page or it won't work. I'm lucky enough to have a great babysitter who is willing and happy to work with me on this.

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